[Significant Moment]

Loved every part of performing at Nuyo. Felt like a rights of passage of some sort. A spot that generated some of the most popular poets/spoken word artists in the US, Namely Saul Williams, Aja Monet to name a few. 

I was quite surprised that Oveous Maximus showed up, that's support right there! also was a pleasure meeting Darren Arthur! An absolute beast on the mic. 

Wireless was truly an experience. I had the great opportunity of performing with the full band with some good people around to support our sound. The best feeling hearing tracks like READY and Aura out the systems! 

See some pics below from the brilliant day. Here's to next year!!! Wanting bigger  and better!!! 

Okay so, on Sunday (June 12th) My Song 'There She Goes' was BBC 1xtra's
Home grown track of the week!

It sounded sexy on radio! Im not even lying, They interviewed a very
excited cant shut up Yomi, and it was a really good moment for not only
me but The Remedies (support Band).

I now need you to do me a fave, the song is up for download HERE

Can you click the link and download it please? If possible, please send
round to friends and get them to download it as well.

I really want this to be playlisted and your click could make a

Thank you.

Onward and upwards!

Listen back on the Interview

G.R.E.Ed.S Interview with DJ Target [BBC 1xtra 100% homegrown] by GREEdS

*Job well done*

The first spoken word performance I’ve ever seen at iluvlive then takes to the stage; causing immediate excitement in a crowd that evidently know who he is. “Year of the poet” is ricocheted between artist and audience, stirring up my interest and curiosity to no end for an individual that goes by the name of G.R.E.Ed.S and the Remedies. And when what can only be described as a hybrid of rap and spoken word erupts through the microphone, I can see what all the fuss was about. “Its iluvlive and we’re going to do this beautifully” he greets the crowd, passion evident over a medley of instruments. Joined by Kat B for the final track, the performance is taken to new levels with the addition of his comedic sound effects and beautiful vocals. “Believe in spoken word,” he says, before exiting the stage. And after that performance, I think we all do.

Written by Alya Mooro.

Posted on RWD MAG

G.RE.Ed.S @ ILuvLive from Henry Robinson on Vimeo.

Pictures by Din Of London