Sunday, 1 September 2013

FROGRO - 60 Day Challenge - Week two

We have hair! Yup, bit by bit they are showing and I'm now taking pictures. Facial hair has also started to form and I cannot stand facial hair due to how irritating it becomes, and because it only covers certain areas on my face. I have now packed my brush so that travels with me wherever I go, even though I will be switching at some point to a comb. The uptake is slow though from getting people to support, I figure that they really want to see hair on my head in order for them to dip into their pockets and support me. Week two is not as boring, I have been learning lines for a short film due to be filmed on Saturday and I'm slightly happy because I'm in the second week of hair so it still looks relatively new-ish. Bring it on.

Buy a ticket for @oxjamshoreditch for £8 the price of a haircut #frogro growing till October!