Sunday, 1 September 2013

FROGRO - 60 Day Challenge - Week three

Annoying the Sh*t out of me. This hair would have been shaved by now. I find that my facial hair grows more, like increases when it is getting full! and full for me is three weeks! Now all of a sudden, there is this itching thing going on where various senses run through my hair and I have this urge to scratch or run my fingers through to sooth it but it calls out for more lol. I find that I'm wearing my hat more, one because it’s a cool hat but I'm still unsure If I'm feeling a little insecure because this whole challenge is bringing me out of my comfort zone. It’s weird because I've been raised to be presentable, even when telling my mother what I was doing, she was surprised because she knows how I am, hell, I know how she is! So this was new territory. I introduced the comb this week, combing downwards and it felt weird because I NEVER use the comb, brush all the way. This week was an irritating, a frustrating week. A week that jarred me and very much got on my nerves! I wanted to cut it off just because it was so itchy, no matter what hair cream, rubbed in to make it glisten and grow, pfft a myth! Yup, not a good week. I did go to the barbers though, to get shaped up lol that was it, nothing else. Bring on week four.

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