Sunday, 1 September 2013

FROGRO 60 Day Challenge - Week one

So fresh and so clean clean. I love a fresh haircut, if I had my way it would be weekly but its fortnightly. When I was approached to make a sacrifice and go 60 days without a haircut, I laughed! The Oxjam Shoreditch team called the campaign “Frogro”. I loved the idea behind it and the cause I was growing my hair for. August 6th, my last haircut for a while. I made sure my barber left my head back and sides smoother than a baby’s bottom because it would be a while till my return. This week was fresh, I felt and looked good – looking forward to what lies in the weeks to come. Week one was a little bit boring though, nothing much to report on.

Buy a ticket for @oxjamshoreditch for £8 the price of a haircut #frogro growing till October!