Sunday, 1 September 2013

FROGRO - 60 Day Challenge - Week four

This week was disastrous. This week was my ugly week! The irritant feeling stopped but this week was a bit of a blow to the esteem. The week started well, carnival with the boys! Out and about dancing and enjoying every bit of this year’s celebrations – then , back to normal. This week was bad, unfortunately, I lost one of my studs at carnival which meant I had to take out the other one so my face is plain, also missed a week of training so I felt super lazy and outta shape tripled by not planning meals at home and washing clothes in time so I'm stuck wearing clothes I was not comfortable in and food from greggs etc! HATED THIS WEEK. All sourced from this hair! Brushing it back makes no difference, it is not as big yet, word is getting around bit by bit but still, not sure if anyone will support, a new shape up kinda makes it look okay ish and I have now decided to not use a comb or brush, I'm just going to cream it and let it breath yup. Let it run wild. This week was very much an identity thing for me, very interesting how the littlest thing made me feel normal, I'm not feeling normal right now, I'm going out with friends and I don’t feel sharp enough. Right now, I look like the guy who needs a haircut as opposed to “oh, that guy’s hair looks cool” Pffffft! This week stinks.. Boooooooooooooooo.


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