Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Man Behind The Switch

As the sun sets on Delmont Holmes
The residents prepare.
Mothers knot their curtains
Children look for their Sandals
Calling across balconies
The wait then begins.
Conversations heard through window panes
Televisions, Radios, Laughter.
Then it happens.



Little is known about the man behind the switch.
Whether he is small or fat
Whether he has a heart.

I watch the birds that hover over us
Passing Delmont Holmes through these dark hours
That blind me
I only hear voices,
Conversations, heard through window panes.
Children that play,
Singing songs wishing for electricity like rain.
"Nepa e mu ina wa, e mu ina wa o"
(Nepa bring the light back)
We wait patiently for the man behind the switch.
Lighting candles for navigation
This mysterious hand from above
For every time he turns it on, it's a blessing.

17 hours pass by..

We are still waiting..