Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Generation thread

My Father's Father
Hi's and how are you's are worn out.
Your son and I are not on talking terms.
I assume this is not how you want things to be

My Father's Mother
To you I am not sure what to say.
Dismissing thoughts of my inception
Now older, you are all songs and praise.

It has been a while.
My toenails have darkened to dismiss any doubt.
I am your son's child
Eldest grandchild whose picture still hang on your walls.

My Mother's Mother
You touched my skin to see if this is real.
If god answered your prayers
Indeed he has, we have both aged,
There is much to be discussed.

My Mother's Father
How I wish you were here today.
Knowing you would not lie to protect my feelings
If only I could feel your warm embrace.

It's been a while
Like snails racing to the finish line
The eldest grandchild returning after so long
Arriving Alone
Soon leaving - Missing Home.