Monday, 1 October 2012

Anti Watermelon

I, have decided.

I no longer like watermelons.

Funny. I did not mind it before,
Slicing it’s wholeness to be devoured, my face, centred and YOMP!
Over 1200 varieties of Watermelon now, just taste the same.
The anti climax of what at one point, was refreshing,
Watermelon, fresh out of the fridge, its chill on your tongue, the smile on your face.
The anti climax of what, was annoyingly disgusting. Spitting the seed over the balcony - hoping it graces a forehead.

Now. I cautiously pick at my fruit salad,
Melon – no,   
I work around it, a footballer as such, it leaves it’s trace on others, maybe to remind me of what we shared.
I feel guilty, feeling as if I left it behind.

However, I have outgrown its nutrients,
Its multi-coloured temptation and weapon like seeds.
The patterned skin and whole body
I have decided.

I no longer, like Watermelons.