Monday, 3 September 2012

Rehearsals, Day 5! [This was not planned] Hi Mum..

Okay so, this was the plan.

  • Get mums passport photos done
  • Start rehearsal from 12:00
  • One to one with Jonzi to generate some ideas for the piece.

So last week, mum took her passport photos which needed to be uploaded to this online system as part of an application she is currently filling out. Me being measked the staff member to TEST the photo and check that it uploaded because Iknow how much of a headache the website is, *staff guy* “oh no sir, no worries, if anything is wrong, you can come back” No dude, I do not want to come back, hence why I am asking you to check it now “no sir, im afraid I cant do that but like I said, you can come back if there are any issues”. Clearly I am slightly annoyed, and even more annoyed when I uploaded the pic on her behalf to find that yup you guessed it, it did not work!

Back to plan, I was told to get to rehearsals for 12 which gave me a 3 hour window in the morning to meet with mum, get her pictures done, drop her, and make my merry way to Angel. I arrive at mums for 10:30, her car did not start which meant I had to drive. Arrived at the Snappy Snaps for 11:00, oh just so that you are aware, mum had an operation on her knee roughly 2 weeks back so she is on crutches at the mo so everything is at the slowest pace, EVER! We get to the place, and I happened to know the staff member – Side note, for future reference, one should not act the Gangster on the phone if vexed because you just don’t know IF THAT PERSON KNOWS YOU! I felt a tad bit guilty for blasting him on the phone because the guy is genuinely a good guy but my god he pissed me off. After 6 failed attempts, they refunded her money and basically said “this is long” in a professional manner of course, the time 11:15. Dropping mum off, parking, waiting for a bus, rehearsals, then back to mum to sort the picture, seemed very long. So I decided she should come with me to rehearsal, then make our way to sort the picture out. Plan!

Walking& Tubing at the slowest pace ever, we arrived at angel smack on 12:00 *Yomi does not like being late*. We then start to walk to the venue, I must say, this was the biggest test of patience of the year so far, I was forced, to walk slow and not rush, whilst walking, I actually stopped stressing and took notice of various things, like the dogs that seem peaceful amongst each other but became extremely confrontational when they came across bigger dogs, or the woman dressed in all black with shades that looked “important” oh and the fact that its now 12:15!!!!!!!!!

We arrive at Sadlers Wells, mum is seated and comfortable, I say my hi’s etc only to find that Jonzi just arrived as well which then made me think *Yomz, all that stressing for what exactly?*

When Jonzi arrived my first line was “Jonzi, meet mum, this, was not planned! Lol” Believe me when I say that Jonzi loved the fact that she was there and said that it was “perfect” why? Because she was going to help create the piece!

Say what? *and this was from both of us*

We then move downstairs, mum sits in the corner. Jonzi asks me to perform the poem and all of a sudden I am 11 years old being put on the spot. FACK! 

A bit of background, The poem I will be performing on Friday is entirely about my mother, so, not only has she never heard this poem, I am now performing it in front of her to which she would then help to turn into a form of visual art? Insane. I don’t perform in front of my mum, we have this relationship where that is not even factored in like that, I can’t explain it but this was really tripping me out and I felt uncomfortable.

So I started, and I could tell that I did not find my voice, Jonzi stopped me mid way and told me to get myself together, that I was not performing it in the same way I did mid week, so I started again and I stumbled, I stopped. Jonzi then picks up my phone and decides that he is going to film me! Like this wasn’t bad enough, If the video is not uploaded it will be later, believe me! But in the video, my eyes are mainly closed, I stumbled like twice, mum is in the corner filming me and yeah, a very surreal experience.

For the next two or so hours, my body was made to work! I was sweating, I understood how to get more out of my words through movement and most importantly, ways to enhance what is said, without actually saying it. I am now incorporating my first language in the poem (Yoruba) with the assistance of mum, I really tapped into her and she fully understood my Poem. 5 years performing and I had to question why its taken this long for it to get to this stage, I realised that the only opportunity I get to sharing my work, is when I actually perform them. It felt like I was failing when I missed this or that line or movement and it bothered me, but near the end, I was so comfortable, I did not care because Iknew that I would perfect it however, for now, “it is okay to mess up every now and then Yomi”

It was also a memorable session for Jonzi as he shared some stories with mum and I, made me so appreciative for her to be there and experience my work in the way she did. Loved it! Uncomfortable at first, but loved it by the end.

Afterward, we set out to get the photo done, en route to the station, she spotted a Snappy Snaps in Angel. We go in, I explain the situation, they took one pic and BOOM! Done! Hear the guy “we just know what we are doing” Bad man! Totally shat on the previous branch!

I then decided to treat mum and me second mum Jo “Realitie” Rollings to lunch.

And that! was rehearsals, Day 5!

Four days to go! You coming? Click -> Open Art Surgery 2012