Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Poem For Both Of You

In what can only be described as a "whoa" moment, I was asked to help in the construction of a poem for a wedding. I hope to visit Montenegro one day. hehe. brill.

I see love in various ways.
It is honest,
It is young, filled with never ending kisses,
as warming as a smile, an endless scent,
we follow the trail,
in confidence.

The touch, what it means.
feeling secure when alone, this circlet of metal that binds your union is precious,
a confirmation that you need not worry,
A song you shall dance to in its glory for we are hopeless romantics without knowing,
we are as old school as a box of love letters and slow walks home, even if it meant you walked back on your own.


Love is in the eyes.
And when these eyes are blindfolded, it is diving into a sea of wonder amongst the fishes, with hope, trust, and care as the guide.
It is the bigger picture,
adapting to each others lives,
and as I paint the portrait of my kind of love, the brush will tailor the gentleman that you are,
and the colors will resonate the ever loving, caring woman you have always been.
And I shall frame it, knowing that your love is not exclusive to each other but rather,
it is shared with friends,with family, and especially,
with the future, whether boy, or girl.

I see love in various ways,

and it is as innocent as a single tear.