Wednesday, 1 August 2012

[Visual] Dont Forget About Me [Ode To London 2012 Olympics]

Ok so, I started on this Poem roughly 8 or so months ago, I left if for a bit, revisited, added a few lines, added a line, left it and then one day, it all just came flooding.

If you ask me, I still would like to add more however, Ill save my thoughts for something else.

This is one poem that I can honestly say “matured with time” More meat to the bone as such, the more I read, conversed, the more detailed the poem.

M’s (Lost Vision) and I had planned the video months in advance. The crazy yet fun part was the journey we would make around various Olympic sites, and how we could balance the emotion. I did not want a doom and gloom video, I wanted to celebrate London 2012 as well as highlight my thoughts and I believe we done just that. Personally, I feel like this video should reach all over London because it speaks not only for these two weeks of the Olympics, I feel that it speaks for the UK full stop but I am only one person and my reach is not as long as I would like so, I need your help to spread this!

Another vid by Moi and Mykool.

More ideas in store, but for now, enjoy.