Wednesday, 1 August 2012

[BBC World News] Poetry? In The Olympic Park? Hell yeah!

Ok so, I was asked roughly 4 weeks ago to host a poetry show in the Olympic Park on July 29th! Honesty, I couldn’t believe it at first, I waited for the email confirmation to come through and when it arrived, I still could not believe it lol. 

Then July 27th I receive a call basically checking if I was okay and what I needed to bring and yup, you guessed it, I still could not believe it lolol.

Sunday came and Im actually collecting my pass. I sent out a tweet in mini excitement and we made our way to the park. En route, I receive an interesting tweet from BBC World News inquiring into what we were doing and asking if they could come down and film? And so again, I could not believe it because things were happening way too fast for my liking but, it felt hella good and exciting!

Our most memorable performance in the park was under the bridge. It was raining at the time which meant people were huddled away not wanting to get wet. We thought that the spot would be a perfect opportunity to perform, and so we did and it was AMAZING!Like on BODACIOUS levels

I am sooooo proud of the team, they performed from their hearts and the people loved it.

Below are some pics from the day! A rather excited me and also the BBC News coverage.


GO TEAM! Big up Apples And Snakes for making this all happen.