Tuesday, 10 July 2012


and so I peck, not in the mouthful that I am used to,
not in the groans expressed,
no longer hoarding food captive, basking the flavour and swallowed regretably
Now, I peck.
Pecking the salad, adding the sauce to compliment 
I nibble, picturing my mother, laughing, saying "boy, quit while you are ahead, your stomach will ravage this meal like a lion would a fly,
lettuce will not fill you, it is the penny thrown into a well,
what point are you trying to prove?
My tongue and I have exchanged words,
my stomach unsatisfyingly grumbles.

Day 2,

and so I peck into fruits between lunchtime and dinner,
Mind over matter as they say so im pro green and iron so much one can call me an Avenger
I am Peckish, 


Missing the tastier side.