Monday, 2 July 2012

Nothing New

Today, like most days, you pay no attention to me.
You walk with urgency in heels that click, and clack to the off beat of my hip hop Monday
today, like most days, we dance to a different beat.
Ideally, we should be closer,
As the soluble dispenses within water, we should be one, yet your silence angers me for you should know better.
Sent amongst the wolves, you would rather I be bait to be gored.
Today, like most days, I walked past, awkwardly.
I am not a rude person, but you get no “hellos” from me,
No “how was your weekend”
No “can you help me’s”
No “please”.
Just the rhythm that we dance to, your heels as they click, and clack,
And my Hip Hop, as it booms, and baps.