Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Just a thought

It sounds crazy, but I think my plan has already been set. I'm thinking out loud right now so this will literally sound like I'm talking but, I really do think my path has been set.

I hosted a fantastic show on Saturday, the following day, a lady messaged me, asking whether I was a Christian? The reason she asked was because she felt that god was talking to me on stage telling me that things will be alright. Now, aside from her stating that she was not crazy lol, I thanked her for sharing that with me.

Now, back to this. I really believe that the plan has been set and most importantly, it is the complete opposite of what I wanted it to be. And I mean this in regards to everything in my life, Now, my dilemma is being comfortable enough to let these fantasies etc go.

I feel like its easy for anyone to get "success" but to be "successful" one must be able to maintain, and the feeling I am getting right now is to be successful, because success, is short lived.

Now, a part of me feels disappointed but, there is always a bigger purpose to things, and if it means that it crushes my ego slightly, then so be it.

I kinda feel like my contribution has been made. I'm really like waiting for the signals, and it's leading me further away from what I "thought" I wanted.

Let's see what happens eh?