Sunday, 8 April 2012

Wrote this for my mother as she slept.

One day, I will not wake you from sleep so that you are not late for work.
I will not worry how 12 hour shifts that start in the evening effect your health,
I will not worry through moments of financial stress, how you make your ends meet, knowing sometimes the road is not as clear.

One day, the love you have invested in god will fully blossom in true form, all mental pain shall lessen, and even though you encounter plenty obstacles, I am thankful that you see them as life's lessons.

One day you will not worry.

My eyes water apologizing that you are not relaxing already, though the seasons pass by, and your walk gradually becomes slower, your heart and laughter shall never frail.

One day the only sleep you wake will be the evolution of me, that carries my features and has your blood running inside.
But for now,
Please, be patient with me.

One day, I will be the reason you need not work, anymore.