Wednesday, 4 April 2012

[NEW TRACK] - Manley Steps

Ok so, I have been meaning to play about with this instrumental for a long time.

I like this song, and even without the lyrics, I still like this song however, I was not prepared to just write any and anything over the beat. I cant explain how it came about, I can only say that I was watching Lethal Weapon and I zoned out to this instrumental, and I was honest.

I really wanted to vomit on this song and it reached a stage where it got a bit tough to keep writing.

Its called Manley Steps for various reasons.

For the longest time, I’ve put myself, my work, my achievements, down! And I still do, those close know this and those not so close just see what they see.

This ironically is a self reflection, I hold this very very close to me.