Sunday, 4 March 2012

[Snippet] Confessions Of A Teenager - The Kiss

Age 11, I had my first kiss, most horrid experience of my teenage life. What started off as something small, ended up being the talk of the school year. This right here was monumental, in my corner, her friend (Burr), weighing in at something that was not my size, passing messages back and forth from her, "she said, I am excited to see you later", and, "what kind of kiss would you like it to be? are you nervous? I am but I cant wait", not knowing that Burr, weighing in at a something that was not my size was also spreading the news of this monumental kiss around the school. Lunch time arrives, I walk out of history and made my way to the hills, we call it the hills because aside from the obvious, there was a back area hidden from view. The crowd gather as I walk. On my side, the boys, prepping me for this life changing moment, my heart beats. I arrive. She stands, smiling. This was no longer about us but rather, a show for the eyes, ears and mouths whispering to each other. "you two ready" Burr asked "yes" we answered. He reached in his pocket and pulls out chewing gum, hands it over for us to take one each. We chew, looking around, I am an experiment to these students, a test for what not to do if ever put into this situation. The gum left a rancid taste, upon spitting it out we edge in closer, my body starts to have the tingle again, things were happening which I could not explain yet I am still walking towards her, we stop. Lips, slowly touch, I feel her breath as it forces its way in my mouth, our lips lock and in my mind, everything went blank. I stop, pushed back, Everyone cheers. Behind and around I hear them, "did you see that, they kissed". Burr suggests we do it again but this time, use our tongue. Burr, the Frank Warren and Don King of the year group, always knew how to work things to his advantage, had his entrepreneurism kicked into gear, he could have been a wealthy boy that day. "I don't mind" she says, me (the late bloomer with no experience of a kiss, let alone one involving tongues) agrees. Again, we edge in closer, her tongue pierces out, toying with my lips bounded tight together, slowly, she penetrates through, and forcefully I swamp in, as if it were a battle we breathe through nostrils holding each other hostage, tongues in a whirlwind and as we let go, the saliva of such embrace remain as we pulled apart, both of us yelling disgust as a result, the crowd, in tears of laughter. Embarrassed as I was, I really liked her.

Age 11, I kissed her two weeks ago. My first kiss, I was proud. Saved £1 everyday to buy her Ferrero Rocher for valentines day, I was excited. The day arrives, Burr sits me down and says that she no longer wants to be my girlfriend, I am stunned. He seemed angry at her, pats me slightly and walks off. I remain seated, chocolate box in hand I stare in silence. Sky sits next to me, she asks "whats wrong?", "She dumped me" I reply. I cry, she holds me.


  1. yeah then what where the rest bruv?