Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Stillness, Mid Scrummage

So I am like flat broke at the moment due to monthly deposits for my holiday later this year. it's amazing at times how people perceive you and your lifestyle, indeed even though I may look sharp or "neat" when I am out does not mean I am anywhere well off.

I needed some coins, that was all just coins, I have a studio session booked and by the looks of it, I will be late. The car (which I think I hate) refused to start do to the weather conditions (my fault really, I should have warmed it up mid week) has now messed up wheat was meant to be an easing journey whilst I play some Whitney (R.I.P).

So, coins!

The scrummage starts, I manage to pick up shit loads of 5p coins, couple 10p, and three 20p coins, still not enough. So I picked up my keys and went to mums to see if I could find some coins.

I arrive, Scrummage starts.

Searching high and low but could not find anything and then I laughed knowing full well if mum ever noticed a 5p coin on the floor in my room, she takes it so there is no chance in hell that I would find anything here, it is Sahara dry.

Mid scrum and panic I looked up an paused. Mums moved a few things, but kept items of significance, one of which being this picture, and I was still. There was a silence and a voice in my head like *Yomi you idiot* and I'm there thinking about all these sudden occurrences and news of deaths (namely Whitney) and the whole life is short etc springs to mind.

I had a stillness mid scrummage, looked up at this picture and felt warm inside, nostalgic in fact.

I never found any coins, but my 5ps came in handy as I changed it for 20p's and I'm currently typing this on the tube en route to my studio session, 7 mins late is not that bad. Not sure how I'll travel back, I'll leave that in his hands however, this is not something to moan about.

I have food in my fridge, Travel card paid, rent paid, and clothes that are washed. I am in a better position than most. It's this and various things that I should be thankful for.

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