Monday, 6 February 2012

Mide Unplugged!

Thought I'd share my evening with you guys.

Mide unplugged was on Feb 4th and boyyyyyyy I think I had a bit too much fun up on stage, Adrian (Guitarist) and I performed 3 songs plus one poem.

Now, I'm not quite sure why I had sooo much fun on that stage, maybe it was because it was a stripped down set? I dunno.

I had so much fun and jokes that I forgot one of my poems mid way (soon recovered thankfully)

We performed Rush, had like a guys vs vs girls thing and of course the guys won!!!! Well, the footage will be out soon and I will post it ASAP!

ANYWAY. Back to the actual night. Lanre & Bianca Rose were brill, real enjoyed their set.

My brother from another mother by the name of Mide! Wow! The man is an amazing songwriter and I truly truuuuuly wish him all the best with his music, like I zoned outtttt!!!!!!!

Look out for Mide this year!


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