Wednesday, 29 February 2012

[Snippet] Confessions Of A Teenager

Aged 11 it was all talk, Me being the late bloomer as always had this odd feeling that always tingled whenever I saw her, it felt good, a sensation that spiraled down my spine and resonates through my entire body, it did not make sense to me, but repeatedly, I'd cause trouble just for this feeling to reoccur.

Age 14, news spread that Smith bunked science to do the do with lace in her house on the bunk bed she shares with her sister who happens to be a year above us. Smith arrives mid English, smug, goes through the details, how he grabbed her breasts and she yearned as if it were her last breath, his name on the tip of her tongue and our ears hanging on every word, acting like it was nothing but, this was something. 14 and Smith had sex! And one by one so did the rest and then there was me, late bloomer.

Age 12, shes 15, asking me to accompany her to the cinema, I am shitting myself!
Titanic was the film, ship sank but I was well and truly up, she noticed, grabbing my arm and placing it over her shoulder she asks "are you okay"? I answered "yeah, I'm cool". She undoes her top button, her bra fully in view gently positioning my hand on them to squeeze, we kiss.

Age 17, Kane and Guy tell us that they went down on their girls, Kane said it taste like chicken, we gasp in shock.

Age 18, She invites us all round that evening, Strength in numbers we went. Music, games, smoke in one room, her in the other, he walks out, "blud, go on then"
my turn.
There was a creak in the door, a humid smell, it was dark. She spoke softly, her breath of 4 on my skin she asks "do you not like me?" I reply "you are ok" she moves,
I apologies, knocking something over as I turn, they cheer assuming I'm somewhat engaged. She cries, masking her tears in the dark embarrassingly, I say "Shit, I dont mean to make you cry, sorry, I am a virgin, and this is not how I want it to be, sorry."
Silence, I hold her for the next 4 or so minutes, she felt warmer, I soon get up to walk out, she says "your secrets safe with me." I say "thank you"