Sunday, 29 January 2012

Performing Yesterday, Teaching Today.

I was invited to teach a group of young people ways of expressing themselves through writing.

This is not the fist time I have ran a workshop but, it was the first time that I had a "I really could do this for a living" thought. It brought back old memories of face to face work, engaging with a young person that has no idea to begin with, and ending with them showing you a thing or two. I miss that, and I honestly thin its something that will not leave me, passing on a skill is what I am about, I have been up skilled through people that had the same thought.

Yesterday was fun. The young people were asked to create a story exploring their thoughts about living in their local area (Haringey). For those that are not aware, London went through a period of Riots in August 2011, Haringey was one of the areas close to where it all began.

Unsurprisingly, the participants had a lot to say. Me personally, I did not want the session to focus on just the Riots however, I had a job to do so I mixed everything else in as best as I could and the presented their work to the other groups afterward,

They felt good, I felt good.

Indeed, the music is one thing, money is an additional incentive, but the impact on someones life? priceless.

I look forward to running more workshops.

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