Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Numbers Game

It depends on the number,
that big difference between the single and the double,
this on going argument of where your moral compass lies
its your heart vs your principle
you choose.
for she was fine,
personality to match,
conversations 2/4 hours into the AM's till morning breath reminds you its sleep time
and as conversation grew we both got close,
Digging deeper into our lives, even in sex talk, we thrived.
madame would lay her head on my side within the warmth holding me,
whisking a bloomful of her presence caught by my nasal hair leaving it to fester just a minute longer,
sharing experiences whether good or bad
she was a curious one, as was I.
so when I asked how many guys she slept with and she said over 20
I said Fuck,
over 20 guys.

And unfortunately, that ship capsized.
and believe that's the first and last time I ever asked that question,
and at that age sad to say it somewhat tainted her reflection,
how the things we been through prior to that conversation didn't seem to matter
but rather,
as she spoke, I kept on seeing 2 and the other digit in bold red moving back and forth taunting in my face and she knew that was a problem, especially being that she had more than me and i am the man
but does it depend on the number?
double digits is one thing but could you fall in love if they slept with 60 and over?
Could you start a fresh?
The irony
for they would still carry that personality you fell for without highlighting the partners they fell for and as a man,
it bothers me to increase numbers on twitter, let alone a partner.
Men lie,
women lie,
Numbers don't? bullshit, both sexes lie about that crap all the time in fear that they could loose someone that's prime
the worse thing being you walk down the street and your partner is well known,
specific waves and code translated through smiles and this is the fear.
but if love overrules all then who I am I to judge,
for my reaction to madame probably pushed her numbers up when in reality it could have just stopped.

The numbers game

A state where women are classed as whores if they past the single digit frame
A state where men are seen as the guys for reaching the double digit fame
But ask any guy whether they would settle with that girl who slept with over 50 guys and he may laugh in your face or tell her to walk on by.

Or the individual that makes mistakes with numbers, thinking this person is the one ending up to be another, so rather than increase they dip back to a previous lover
Thus sex is recycled
Relationships live no longer.

The numbers game
Where meeting that person is a risk
A gamble that the routine phone calls, visits remain after,
That the novelty does not wear thin
That you did not give up a digit,
For no reason.

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