Monday, 12 December 2011

MTV UNSIGNED 2012! I NEED YOUR VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so, initially, I woke up Friday morning logging on to my Twitter and seeing the good folks at Sistova posting this and I thought, "brill, all good." And so I decided to send it out to my peoples on FB and Twitter to get them involved and vote for me.

Roughly an hour later, I receive an email from MTV saying that I have been shortlisted. Now, this knocks the ball to a completely different area now. effectively, this is my first competition and Im not sure how to take to it. I do know that I love Rush! and I want the world to hear it!

So, I need you. More than ever now because this is where I start to really pull on your strings as a supporter to, show your support and spread the word!!

The link is below,

You need a Facebook account to log in and vote, if you dont have one, could you set one up till Jan 9 (when the comp ends) please? lol

Thank you!!!! and wish me luck!!!!!! and Spread the WORRRDD!!!

To vote, Click HERE