Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Rhyme With Me

Come rhyme with me,
Through the heat of the sun and the chill winter brings,
let us share words that longs to be heard.
Whether smile or cringeworthy, thoughtful or provoking
A moment explored with your company..
Explain your work to me,
Even if it never made sense.
what made your tone highten?
why did you pause in that period
Heart stained on paper Whether lead or ink,
how was that process? Rhyme with me

For my days seem repetitive
Shitty at various points

Needing a breakaway,
conversed with my bank balance and it said no chance in hell,
So for the most part, this is that escapeism.
that dinner served, unbuckling belts, burping a thick satisfaction
That "tonight, I will sleep well"
That "I am proud to be a poet, forget rappers"
That feeling that makes me forget the now..
Eccentric, wanting to hug someone for no reason.


Share your thoughts, for you may touch on subjects I keep at arms length, this odd state of denial knowing what to do yet, hearing it from another seems easier
Pain explored
I am less alone, for even if I refrain from thanking you.
Inside, I am grateful.

I want to laugh till my ribs ache,
Or close my eyes in true artist mode and paint portraits,

I say come rhyme with me
An invitation to a space where for roughly 2 or so hours
Nothing else matters

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