Monday, 12 September 2011

[G.R.E.Ed.S] Sampler 5 is OUT! DOWNLOAD NOW!

Okay so, I have been going on about it for a while. Sampler 4 pretty much opened a new chapter in regards to my sound, character. I found Sampler 4 to be more gritty, cheeky at times and I felt more comfortable. Life post Sampler 4 has been amazing, the opportunities, collaborations as well as the ideas were none stop. A year on and Sampler 5 was peaking its head and who am I to ignore. A few things to note with Sampler 5, its a lot deeper, I have grown within the year as a writer and this is why I love blogging because regular readers may have noticed my odd moments of experimenting with my thoughts. I have also introduced a narrative side to link in with the pieces a lot more and I think it will be a continual theme now with some of my proper releases. Lastly, it is the first stage in the run up to the EP Launch which means, its all go! YOTP is all over this sampler! so make sure you shout it from the Roof Tops! Shouts to Abi for designing the cover! gave her a short deadline to which she wasn't to keen to hear, the theme that embodied Sampler 5, whether it be about pranks or hurt, was love. The love for another or why you are doing what you do. I pretty much left the genius to her and I am so please with the outcome. Check out Abi's site here Thanking everybody involved with Sample 5! Shouts to Matt for taking the time out for me to record! Okay so... I guess the rest is on you. Below are the tracks to listen to, then proceed to click the download link. Wicked! Oh! and I added a bonus in the download! POW! Thank you all for your support, Spread the news! and share the goods! Enjoy! [G.R.E.Ed.S] Sampler 5 by GREEdS DOWNLOAD!!! CLICK HERE