Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Thoughtful Tuesday

Transcripts of a former self.


you came clean cos you had no choice, backed in the corner so u had to come clean. had the revelation not come to a head then ur mouth would be shut. that situation is long gone and buried, your still riding offa your own guilt cos u know what you done and what you probably lost. your failing to realise that i am being honest with you but its like your not hearing me, i said nothing is happening between us no more, what more do you want? the maddest thing is that through all ov this i havent even cussed or even utterd shit to you. i just left it. ur failing to hear the truth that we aint happening lik ethat again, it cant.

let it go.


u know wat j i havent got time 4 dis im going to the gym. u carri on speanding ur life lying 2 urself i dnt giv a shit. fuck u j i HATE u so much i wish we never met. I am going to **** b day but not if u r so let me know ur plans so i can let her know


u will regret that u chat to me like that at some point.


I guess the truth does hurt innit.

wow. emotionally you will regret that u just dne that.

Delete that fucking picture of me n you.



How I stumbled on that correspondence does not matter, even though this is somewhat dated. what struck me was how aggressive I was, my use of language and snap reaction, might seem meaningless but, this struck a chord or two for me, especially in the way I was spoken to. *sigh*