Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Thoughtful Tuesday Pt 2

I am not that old to feel the pain suffered by the elders before me so I could never sit you down and explain the fool you are making of yourself.
I am no expert but common sense runs through me like alcohol in my blood for this Thud in my heart caves deeper at the sight of reckless behavior on your part.
you wave signs with your fingers
you cover a face designed to achieve great things you surround yourself with such hate and yet.
you forget the battle you are fighting.

You, expect me to treat you like a man,
well, fine, I shall commend you on taking a stand, however, look around you.
what cause were you fighting for?
your army would rather dress themselves in fancy gear, steal rice and make fools out of not only each other, but me.

Those before you are still spinning in their grave
A slap in the face to many for you were not educated, and your input in the last three days will equal in extra eyes staring at me
jobs harder for me to get
Steryotypes enforced that little bit more, some for joke sake but their jest is hard felt.


And all this work put in thus far, ruined.

Leaving the minority,
sharing your shame
to pick up the pieces.

Wake up.


  1. well said. I am ashamed that some young people in my country can only hijack a protest to feed their greed. Now who remembers where this began and what happened in Tottenham? How do they think Mark Duggan's family feel?

  2. Well said .
    A total shame what ignorant black people are doing.

  3. It's all true what you say in this poem. And i am conscious that i am looking at it more as an outsider, i.e. not mainly a target of police violence myself, and not in a place where the anti-social violence struck - at least not in the last three days - and not likely to be a victim of the stereotyping that will result. But I think there are two sides to this story, to the last three days. I think it is still kin to the great urban rebellions of Brixton and Watts and all the others, even if it is less conscious and has more backward elements mixed in than most of those. There are still very strong elements of righteous anger against longstanding abuses by the police. And I think a lot of the youth out there must be expressing that righteous anger, and we should be trying to find ways of uniting with them and not just writing them off as looters... Easy for me to say, I know...