Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Thoughtful Tuesday Pt 1

These sirens no longer shake the youth.

The sound, a mere tickle on the surface for the desired effect you wish for has worn off, and as you arrive, you face the future.


This is your creation,

and when faced with a power greater than yours you stand still, miffed as to how it reached this point.

I wonder,

how could you ever intervene in something you never took time to understand,

You sit in your fancy circle, making decisions you feel best suits a nation

your ears,

blocked as many warn you of the consequence of closures.

your pride, big as the hands you shake, now crushed as you look onward towards a nation in a state.

your decisions were not best placed.

These sirens no longer shake the youth for they have a voice greater than yours,
a language that changes by day
codes encrypted by the hour, this three day period, was a taster.
A moment in which for once, they did not turn on each other,
a unity which we as a community have always wished for but, not in this manner,

for they have taken matters into their own hands with no regard in destroying their environment in the process.

Does that scare you?

And now, with tails in between your legs, you call upon those in which you cut off your list.

Those who at preset are still looking for work.
Those who you thought were less important in your "Big Society" Regime.

And while they both sun bathed in times of need, the "henchmen" remained, at a loss

Upon their arrival, they will call on the nation to stay strong and "not tolerate antisocial behavior" when clearly, their eyes will highlight the truth, you cannot control the culture of these youths.


You were warned.


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