Friday, 19 August 2011

Bad Bad Bad No No No

I hope you understand that your input into this childs life will remain as he grows, and I speak this prose with venom your way because you are either selfish or oblivious. for you have gallivanted through your teenage years into adulthood, you have experienced the things needed in order to be the person you are today, so I ask? why not allow the same process for your child? you seem blind when shown, deaf when spoken to, is this your way of avoiding your lack of guidance? I ask, with all the kindness in my heart, for you to wake up, and look at the damage you are causing, He is a child lost in his own world making mistakes those his age would laugh at, yet you cuddle with open arms, you remain defensive when challenged and most importantly, you are aware of some of his behavior and still.

Nothing is done.

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