Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sex On Legs

Today, you think you are sex on legs.
your walk is slow,
you greet with smiles, even returning to the same place twice for no reason because,
Today, you are sex on legs.
a low cut top with your chest on show,
the girls will glance and may I ask?
are your man boobs supported by any chance?

You are sex on legs,
Your mind affirms to higher positions,
You will be floating across the office, yet causing a hindrance
for the chest you brave, longs for a shave, hair so thick and curly it could spell your name.

Exaggeration some may say,
but it is raining outside and yet, this has not doused your flame.
I envy you slightly,
Your confidence is inspiring, but not to a stage where confidence is blinding.

Today you are sex on legs,
and nothing else matters.
I say you are trying too hard, but my truth wont flatter
but rather, crush egos and making you feel less of a man, at 11:30 am.

Today you are sex on legs,
and your walk is slow,
and tomorrow,

I wonder what story will be told.

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