Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Thoughtful Tuesday

This weeks thoughtful Tuesday goes to MR Upshot Sebastian Thiel.

I dont even know where to start? lol okay.

I have to seriously shout this man out for his work ethic, I actually dont think I have met someone this year that has inspired me in the way Bassy has. Sebastian (for the most part) seems like he does not sleep! now, I thought I was bad but Bassy is 10x worse, to a stage where by he at times sleeps in the day because he is up in the night working.If you want to talk about Bassy then please do not forget to mention determination, drive and humility. He wont say it but I can! BASSY IS THE SHIT at what he does and he would blow people cleeeeaaaaaaaan overseas,outta space with the work that he can produce and yet, he remains very humble and lets his work speak for itself.

I am happy to call this man my friend and a role model. Oh did I forget to mention that dude met Richard Branson?

Below are some pictures from his project titled Penny & A Dream which I feature on Vocals.

Click play on the Video after, oh, check the way I blow up! its the coolest thing ever!

Bassy! Heres to you sir!

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