Sunday, 19 June 2011


I will be your prototype for them as they grow under your guidance,
your mistake that needs no rubbing
for you have an extra pair crafted for perfection.
I will be, that
that you cannot see but rather hear,
I wonder if guilt rests next to you while you sleep, snored in annoyance causing multiple movements leaving one uncomfortable, leaving no choice but to think through your actions.
you are no magician, disappearing acts seems to be your favorite form of wizardry yet I see you, clear as day.

My anger is spent.
I am wise enough to understand that even as a man, regrets are hard to show, benefit of the doubt is a fine thing, and what is asked from me is to forgive, for all that has been done can (apparently) be amended.

I beg to differ.

I was that prototype.

left behind
made to fend for himself
looking after his own health.

I was/will be all these things, but please,

do not make the same mistake with them.

Happy Fathers day