Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Nobody forced the role on to you, certainly not me.
You were the calm type, not some much humble but your energy scatted through many.
A mans man is what I call you,
Having lost faith in the one prior, it seems as if you were sent to balance things out for me, and as I wish you a happy Fathers day,
I also want to thank you for being by her side in the moments I was not.
putting up with the pain she held back from me and always being there when asked.

you have also made mistakes,
you are no angel, but you stayed around. even when hated, you struck through, as a father should, but you are not my dad
and it pains to know that he does not think like you do
initiative at the ready like yours is,
almost like I want your brain to fix on his body but in doing so, I loose you, selfish of me still thinking about him even though you have been consistent through and through.

Every transition, viewed through your eyes, whether girls, cars, moving home or work,
you were there,
not as a substitute,
but as a father would.

I love you..

Happy Fathers day.