Friday, 24 June 2011

[Extract] Danger

Here is an extract taken from my new piece titled "Mr Man"

Performing it in a event near you? dunno.

Danger smiles
It comes in many shapes, colours and forms
It blends with the norm,
Supports your cause,
Visualise your demise whilst lifting you up high.
Pain is its plight.

Danger is a drug,
Limitless when consumed,
The freedom while running its course is on orgasmic levels beyond belief
Your tongue, left
clamming as if it were deprived of blood for waking back into the world you are use to is shit.

Danger is a risk
It is uncomfortable, it is a glitch,
That middle finger to the world for nothing else matters,
You want whats yours but at what cost.

Danger is not loyal,
And it never was your friend,
And if you are not mindful.
It will always laugh last.


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