Friday, 27 May 2011

There She Goes [Official Video]

After countless amount of performances, and Album and again, additional amount of performances, whether full band or acoustic.

Finally, A video has been created for There She Goes.

This for me is a massive milestone, A track written when I was 19/20, it has grown with me as the years flew by me. I love this song, I love the mystery (Cliffhanger-ish) vibe it leaves the listener, the humor and serious moment. Now , I feel content, I can now move on and leave this song alone, it deserves this attention because it is a brilliant song.

Shout out to ever body involved especially the leading lady Nadine Charles looking stunning in the video.

Shouts To Sebastian Thiel for directing the Video and also CONGRATULATIONS, he will be meeting Richard Branson very soon.

THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! #95 Most watched in the UK when released!