Saturday, 23 April 2011


I dont like being that weak

I dont take pride in being that weak

For being that weak leaves you unfocused, jilted on the rope you stand, where your feet stood, firmly, your mind. a block of concrete molded specifically to just carry on
dont do sentiments
not the type that has you in the arms of another, hugged tight to release the pain and you are there, lifeless trying to fathom how you reached this very point and yet you continue to release because its been a very long time since it happened last and to trust in another does not seem so far fetched.
you beat your self in frustration
you are better than this
telling yourself over and over but who are you really proving yourself to?

If vulnerable could be described, it would be that tissue paper looking onward to the puddle of water raging its way. How when it lands full force, it would tear it into pieces soon dissolving what was.

I dont take pride in being that weak.

When acknowledged I simply inflame, carry on to achieve what is set for me to do.

I dont like being that weak.



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