Thursday, 31 March 2011

Sex vent cont

I remember watching Baby Boy and that classic scene where they get into one and he accidentally hits her. Now I'm not saying hit your partner or whatever and try make it up to him or her by ripping their clothes off because even after allllll that lovin, she still couldn't forget what he done.

The sex vent is at times needed, like. I'd love to have a sex vent, why not? I put soooo much energy in arguing, why not put my energy in something more pleasing. Arguing is not the one, but it will happen, can't escape that and I believe it's important to find something that keeps whatever fire alive or else.. Well, let's just say it the outcome might not be the best.

So, Sex vent, big up!


  1. but if celebacy is being practiced what is the other option when it comes to venting?

  2. To me, I feel thats where the purity lies, because intimacy is not the solution, all that release of tension will have to be sourced from somewhere else and I believe that you will have that connection with your partner. sort of like you know the scent of your partner in whatever situation whether in the morning or on a night out.

    I watched a film called 40 days and 40 nights where the guy refrained from sex for some time, at some point where he felt attracted to a female but couldnt have sex, the way in which they shared that urge was beautiful, something they both understood.

    I dont think its game over if celibacy plays a part, yes, it may be frustrating at times but, in a interesting way, it opens the floor to what else can be explored with the body without any penetration.

  3. Nice answer, in a perfect world it seems like the simple way to live. I'd argue that an argument would occur due to lack of sex and simply sink the relationship. Not to attack men but sex is so easily available these days that they see no reason to deprive themselves.

    I 100% agree that working with your other half to stay pure is something beautiful. Just a shame its such a rare thing. Society makes a virgin seem like a dull indivudual so in terms of having a deep emotional & intellectual connection, some people only define a great relationship on the basis of sex. Completely overlooking the importance of being able to argue and not end in a physical act.

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