Sunday, 13 March 2011


Okay so.. I was asked the other day about my creative process, so I thought to share something without babbling!

I am aiming for this to be as short as possible.

I noticed that I am actually quite melodic which is rather pissed because I cannot sing. if I could then this would just make the situation ever so perfect not on a "Drake" or whatever level but it would be a new area to dive into. Anyway, I digress. I am quite melodic. its interesting as well because I am the weirdest person when I am in this zone!

I think back to when I had Ideas for some of my tracks!

RIOT was created as I made my way to the GP to seek advise on my (then) blacked out nail, and I just had the melody in my head. The process was the same for RUSH, READY and Be Bold. However, I noticed 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! things.

1. I forget the structure the next day. lol

2. When stored, I remember the Lyrics quicker due to the melody! like I find myself noting a specific lyric due a change in the beat whether pause or instrument.

Accapella pieces are pretty much the same, I now work with various meters even though its freeverse! lol it still works within a specific rhythm.

So! with me now clocking Im a bit more melodic, I am recording the most random shit on my phone! lol like anything that spring to mind, it really does prevent me forgetting! and aids in building from it, what might sound exciting on monday evening might sound crap come tuesday afternoon.

RECORD, NOTE down everything. even the randoms. you never know what comes out of it. voice recorder, scrap paper, txt and save, memo note. just jot it down!

So yeah... thats just a tiny bit of what goes on in my mind.

Feel free to ask questions for other things and yeah, ill do my best to answer?



  1. Are you sure that you can't sing?

    In 'There she goes' you show that you can hold a note! he he

    Try a little you never know. If the mind is willing...


  2. Lol, I have tried.

    I agree, yes, to some degree I can hold a certain note but I want to work on that a bit more. dnt wanna get all X Factor-ish but i just wanna be comfy enough to venture into something new.


  3. After listening to your stuff, I reckon when it comes to melody, words + music and singing, you rock; you have a real feeling for this whole area. I'm hanging out for RUSH/the single.