Saturday, 12 March 2011

G.R.E.Ed.S & David J - Verse

And so G.R.E.Ed.S and David J finally created some magic.

Personally, I didnt know what to expect. Surprisingly, he was more nervous than me. I mean, here stands a man that is regarded the 'Godfather' of spokenword and that is for a reason. David J has been performing for 20 years. I am just 4 years in and to be respected by a senior like him is a beautiful feeling. Being acknowledged tells me that it is for a reason, and I must carry on doing what I am doing, to the best of my ability.

Okay, sorry for the spew but I feel like there are 'new' generation 'poets' that really have no clue about the foundation put in before they decided to 'perform'. I believe that you should know the past or at least something from the past. Its like a rapper not knowing who Rakim/Biggie is but rather, thinking that an MC is Soulja Boy?. No disrespect but Soulja boy is an evolution of Hip Hop history.

The piece below was more for the people that think Poetry starts either at 'G.R.E.Ed.S' or someone else in the last 2- 3 years when in reality its far from the case. Personally, I can say that I have a recording with David J. Those who know J will understand that he is one of the hardest people to track down and FYI we recorded two tracks, the second one he actually wrote three pages full in one week lol.

Definitely was a defining moment.


Hear why he is called the Godfather

Verse by GREEdS

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