Sunday, 13 March 2011

G.R.E.Ed.S & David J - Feral [Radiohead]

Okay so this really got me excited.

As you read in my previous post, it was quite monumental to record a track with David J, but to also record on a song with him? insane! well, for me!

The interesting thing about this track is that first and foremost, both of us love it! the energy, the beat, and Radiohead! secondly, J actually wrote like 3 pages worth of lyrics for this! looool I had to laugh because he was actually quite nervous for this moment.

if he was nervous! what the hell was I?

Another significant thing is that I actually freestyled on this track, I wanted it to be pretty much in the moment and raw. Record it and keep it as it is. I often go through these moments where I am in that perfectionist mode and it just has to be right but this time around I was like NO! lets just see what happens, go go go go go! and so I freestyled slightly, it was a small portion but it was fun! I actually might start practicing it more now.

And as for J on the track! MY GOD did he deliver! I just done my thing and I left the rest to him and he just went INNNNNN!!! in fact in true spokenword fashion he breaks routine here and there, going of course and finding his way in again, really does take you on a mini journey through the track!


In YOTP fashion, it is a statement that this is the work we do. My aim in working with The Pugilist was to highlight how two generations can come together and it was also to highlight that there is a bigger world to what people are accustomed to in regards to the scene

#POW is what I say.

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