Sunday, 16 January 2011


I cannot remember when Last I have been tucked inside my sheets, ready to bid the night fare well for the evening and sleep.

I am actually in bed before 8:00pm and this shit feels good. Some wine next to me, I'm reading over some work for this week and in all honestly, I can think about what needs to be done tomorrow but for now, let me bask in this for a bit. Feeling even to switch my phone off that's how I feel right now.

Too much wine might cause slight drowsiness though especially being that there's no one to drink it with. Quite lonely but surprisingly, I'm not feeling as alone. Rather just indulging in this rather odd moment.

Flat mate is out so I really could also have one of those "naked" moments and feel freeeeeeeeeE! But, I won't. Its cold. Plus, I'm feeling rather lazy.

Hmm. When last did you ever experience a day like this?

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