Monday, 31 January 2011

Should have seen it coming

I am elusive.
Tracing steps back and forth
my sole carries the burden of independence.
My arms move freely, unattached to any form of apparatus
You can not string me
My mind works a shift like no other, constantly churning away whilst the body rests.
I then wake to welcome the day
I still seek support.
Only to be let down in the long run,
You see, my mind works.
Calculating every step taken, every rule broken. Word gone against
I am that Mirror image ready to shatter in disbelief, standing here wishfully hoping for once.

To get it right.

In you I trusted hoping you would have my future in sight
Hoping you would display love even if there was no embrace.
In you I remain confused for I cannot dissect right from wrong.
Did my path ever rest in the palm of your hand or did you simply squeeze with a smile.

A mistake made.

I lost sight of the bigger picture.


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