Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Press 4, 9.. Never 7

Excerpt taken from a project I am currently working on, dealing with all things erotica, things that drive it as well as how it makes one feel..


I want to know what goes through your mind as you close your eyes.
Deeper into your thoughts.
I want to quench that thirst that makes you throat dry, that smile in wanting
That chill from the bed sheet soon warmed by the heat of your skin I want you.
I want you to talk freely through this wireless connection,
Tease all senses in me, skin hairs erect, tipped in lust as goose bumps spell your name and move to the tone of your voice.
let the heavens lubricate in a blasphemous downpour.
My breath, mildly steaming the window looking onward across the river
Your thoughts, stored in memory
Now erased...