Friday, 31 December 2010

[Notes] Discussion with an Imam

Lunch time (well, not so much lunchtime because I am blogging)

Driss is amazing.

Amazing to some might seem far fetched but my colleague Driss is actually a special man and so humble.

A former Imam, we call him the guru in the office because it really is like he floats; his character is so calming and when he talks, he knows exactly what to say.

Now with all that in mind, this is not the reason he is amazing.

Pardon my (dare I say) ignorance, but it just goes to show how even when you believe you are socially aware, there is still so much more to learn.

Whilst typing away, Driss was on an important call, he then apologised for talking in the office whist I was working and I simply said it’s no bother. he then explained that he was talking to his former tutor, intrigued, I said "tutor" *nods head* and continues to explain how his tutor more less trained him to be the person that he is now with regards to religion.

Driss highlighted that he verbally memorised the entire Koran. This is the traditional way of the process, one has to verbally memorise every verse, and the meaning of each verse. Gobsmacked when I found out the Koran has over 6000 verses and he literally learned every line without even noting anything down. Driss started this in 1998, he finished memorising the Koran in 2003 and still continues to recite for 2 hours every day from then till now and so onward.

To me, this is massive because Driss is a Family man, Facilitator, Lecturer, Full time worker and he helps his local community as well. I could never complain about being overwhelmed when I have people like this around me. Need I say that he still follows all that is required i.e. Fasting, Prayers etc as well as doing everything else.

When asked how long would it take a person to recite the entire Koran? lol we had to bring out a calculator, Driss highlighted that each verse recited properly should take roughly 6 minutes. This being said we times then divided and concluded that it would take 25 days of non stop reciting to complete the whole Koran.

Just to note, Driss said he is not aware of anybody that has ever done such a thing.

Things happen in mysterious ways and this being new years eve, I could not be more thankful for this to happen now as I am going into what I feel will be a busy impacting year.

Driss gave me some tips to practice and all I need is one month to put it into shape and it’s on from there.

I end as I started

Driss is Amazing

Happy New Year sir.

[Side note] Even though He set aside 2 hours every day to recite, things dont often go to plan because he is always on the move. So Driss finds himself Reading it either on his way to a meeting i.e. walking or on journeys i.e. buses, tube. A interesting moment when Driss highlighted that he would often recite on the Tube and people around would be slightly afraid because they dnt understand what he is doing. hopefully, if you are one of those people, now you know.

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