Saturday, 11 December 2010


I sit, Naked.

Skin dries the confusion of the early hours, Head thuds trying to remember the goings on.

Last night was a dream lived
a false escape, still trapped
a loose cannon blown
a Fuck you, this is what I want to be, for now.
a joke to some
scared one
amused another, in the midst of the new age she enters, her heart, longing for her love, she wept in the hours leading into her day.
She glows, a priceless quality to make you smile and all I wish is for her to be happy.
embarrassed the other.
This morning, I felt no surface, My feet graced the air, my balance in tact when in reality I slipped many times, my balance in tact due to those holding or pushing me in line.
I. was. a. Mess.

But I loved the feeling. this false sense of reality.

Tarnished are your thoughts

I wash away the bottle from yesterday and cream a new face for today.

A robot, malfunctioned.

I hurt differently.