Monday, 20 December 2010

Dear Blog (Free write)

I do not like hospitals
I do not like those in pain, heads shaven, sleeping in agony those wishing they could see the sun.
I do not like the smell once I enter the room
I do not like the smile I'm greeted with when inside they empathize
The gel they make me wipe my hands with
How cold it feels. Preparing me for what is to come and as I slowly walk through to my destination, my ever so curious mind battle.
The nosy side wanting to peek through at the deformed or those just wanting to die.
Wanting to see the families that visit on a day to day, sitting at the side holding on close to loved ones wishing the pulse transcends from their wrist into their heart
This is no place for the faint hearted.
Here I stand, working myself up for the fact that I
Where I am.
My mind, well the logical side tells me that great things happen here.
People smile here, new life is created here and people are cured! Here!
So why is my aunty still in pain! Here!
Why must she celebrate her birthday, tube inserted inside of her whilst these strangers sing song to her ears as she looks on blindly.
Why must she now celebrate Christmas in here!
Make it better
Make it
Forced smiles her way as she looks on in hope.
Happy that I am here and for her.

I will remain strong.

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