Tuesday, 21 December 2010

BlackNail.. OFF! (READ)

Disclaimer - View at your own discretion.

Ok so roughly 4 months ago I accidentally knocked my pinky finger on some metal. what started off as a numbing feeling oddly swelled and slowly started to bleed internally. Now it started off as okay, a swell, cool, that will calm down. then this realllly started to throb constantly to a stage that I had a finger brace to stop the ache.

Picture below is the first stage of the blood pumping through.

Okay. so at this stage (oh my nail) I thought okay cool, its going to stop at some point? No! it never stopped. the pain grew more and more and more to a stage that I actually had to go A&E to get this checked out.

Through the A&E I had to sit through an Xray because they could not exactly notice where the blood was coming from. By this time, they pretty much agreed that the blood just needed to exit and its all good. Xray done, no internal damage so they then proceeded to start the process of putting a hot needle through my nail with NOOOOO ANESTHETIC. F**KERS!




Hot needle in! Blood came out! however, my nail is still Black, Blood is still inside! a few weeks went by and the blood inside dried up and started spreading. Went to my GP and they said it takes months for it to clear and this woman assured me that No, My nail will not come off! she asssssuuurrrred me!

and now!

Guess what.

Yup. Nail is actually, slowly coming off as the new nail replaces. like I actually noticed this Last week during an interview, Fiddling away with my fingers I had a HUH? moment and to my shock horror I was seeing the end of my nail outside of the skin. okay so its not contagious, a bit unattractive and it does not hurt. I actually want to yank it off but I cant for one and I wont for two. So now.

I wait.

4 months down the line and look at what my nail now looks like.


How Sexy!

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