Monday, 1 November 2010

Re: Random thought

For the oddest reason I just thought about a really volatile argument I had with my ex, that type of argument that had me shouting in the street like a mad man. Now, I'm quite closed, business to myself type of guy so for me, that was over exposure.

I use to just sit or walk past people in similar situations wondering whether they could actually hear themselves but after being in that position. You really can't. Then I thought about the fine balance, this "honeymoon period" that's often the best time for a couple and the F**k up that soon emerges after it wears off and it was rather saddening to have reached that point.

I guess the pace of a relationship cannot be controlled, you cannot dodge the bullets per say for at some point it will hit, showing the ugly side of a person you at one point thought never harboured such a side and in reality, the true strength is in the process after ward, the "what now?" Status and personally, it takes me time to shake things off, don't know about you or you or you.

I dunno, mindless thinking you may say but I know that if I run into my ex tomorrow, that argument will be forefront in my mind. That image, slightly smudged.

Guess I didn't expect it? Am I the doughnut for actually thinking a life without aggro?

Stupidly I say that I'd rather see the messed up side to a female first, because then I have a better understanding. However, in saying that, I would be contradicting myself being that then images will take time to dissolve..


It is what it is..

I dunno.. And I'm not reading this back either so forgive whatever typos or bleh..

I just had a moment.