Monday, 4 October 2010

We Giggled

We giggled

Tongue lightly tickles the humorous side as my senses burst in confusion.
Seemingly lost in the dark with no control having to grip on to sheets to hold. Her intention, bold. The lust of wanting surge, her heart beats as her hand grips
My eyes close for even in darkness, she glows.
We sweat
We turn
I hold, she yerns and when all is done.

We giggle

Fall asleep, and wake to the sun.


  1. His giggle provokes mine and now its a circle neither of us want to break

    I stop, catch my breath and then I catch his eye and its lost again

    The lust is consuming

    I succumb to the surge

    His tongue tangled with mine

    The fingers wander, stroke, grip...

    Can I just ...

    Did he ...

    But now I truly start to sweat

    I can feel in the dark that he's closing in for the kill

    And he knows where to tickle so I cant help but giggle

    Im pushed over the edge and I take him with me

    For I want him to follow

    And as he said when all is done

    We just sleep and wait for the sun...